Local Vietnam Veteran on honor flight, 54th anniversary of departure for war

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Today is the 54th anniversary of a local Vietnam Veteran going to war…and this past weekend he was celebrated on an honor flight. 

Johnny Montgomery attended the honor flight with 77 other Veterans…all Vietnam Veterans except one Korean Veteran. 

The day trip starts early in the morning, flying out from Lexington to Washington D.C. The veterans got to see multiple monuments and historical buildings. 

Complete strangers were hugging and waving to Montgomery, telling him how thankful they were for his service. 

“It was not a war that was respected by many, many of our peers at that time so when we came back we were not honored at all like other wars were. So to be honored in the way we were on this honor flight was very pleasing to myself and all those on the honor flight.”

Not only a hero for his service to our country… but Montgomery was also a softball umpire in our community for 32 years.