Local theaters feeling the impact of Covid-19

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Worldwide, the spotlight is on Covid-19, which has resulted in the curtain closing for performances in many local theaters. The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green has had to postpone the lineup of upcoming shows.

“For SKyPAC, it’s been about a month since we’ve been able to have our doors open. When you’re in the business of bringing mass groups of people together, that’s not exactly a good time for that,” said SKYPAC vice president of external affairs Rob Hankins.

Over the past year, The SKyPAC has employed over 130 workers, including concession workers and production crews, all of whom are no longer getting a paycheck. BG on Stage was acquired by The SKyPAC last December, and the closure of it resulted in a scheduled show being impacted. Director of BG On Stage, Elise Charny, said the effects of Covid on the world of performing have been devastating.

“For me personally, it’s my whole world. To see first Broadway shut down, and then it started to hit the more local areas, it was really crazy to see that domino effect,” Charny said.

For the avid theater fan and performer, the closure of local theaters is impactful on a personal level.

“I’ve gone on stage with root canals, I’ve had deaths in my family, and I still went on stage. Theater stops for nothing, and that’s why this really spoke volumes to me,” said Phoenix Theatre producing artistic director Amber Turner.

While the world of theater is currently in a blackout, those heavily invested in the world of theater say they can’t wait for a return to the stage.

“I just hope that people do realize how much of an impact theater has,” Charny said.