Local students and parents react to schools not meeting for the rest of the year

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-If there was a glimmer of hope that students would hear the school bell again soon, that hope is gone.

Governor Andy Beshear made the recommendation Monday that students in the Commonwealth not return for the remainder of the school year. An announcement that some students expected.

“I wasn’t surprised. I kind of expected it to happen. It was just kind of disappointing,” said Bowling Green High School junior Emma Simpson.

“I really like school, but I also like being at home. I miss being at school and seeing all my teachers and friends,” said St. Joseph Interparochial School 3rd grader Hadley Beard.

While the announcement didn’t come as a shock to most, parent’s say it’s disheartening that the kids are missing many in-person experiences.

“Just to hear it, it is kind of sad. The kids were sad, the younger ones mostly about seeing their friends,” said parent McCall Allen.

Not returning to in-person class sessions means students will continue with non-traditional instruction for the rest of this school year. N-t-I took some adjusting for both students and parents.

“It’s just really different from a parent’s standpoint. You see their homework, you kind of get what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter how smart you think you are, there’s a lot of brushing up that you have to do,” said parent Jamie Wilkins.

While the decision was a tough one, students say they’re glad state officials have made their health a top priority.

“I agree with that decision. While it is disappointing to not be able to see your friends, it’s a public safety concern to have people gather that way. We are protecting vulnerable members of the community by staying at home. I think that’s the highest priority,” Simpson said.