Local seven-year-old receives COVID vaccine

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The CDC has authorized that children ages 5 to 11 can now get the Pfizer Vaccine. One local child did just that, and her parents couldn’t be happier.

Seven-year-old Anna Brown received her Pfizer vaccine over the weekend at a local Walgreens. She smiled from ear to ear as she held her vaccination card proud, especially after she overcame her fear of getting the shot. Anna’s parents were also proud to see their daughter take this step in beating this pandemic. Her mother Rachel Brown says she’s thankful that kids in her age group can now take another step in keeping healthy.

“We’re very thankful. We’ve just been waiting for this day since the vaccines were approved. We were really thrilled last week when the CDC, FDA, and the American Association of Pediatrics approved the vaccine for this age group,” Rachel said.

Anna’s father Keith Brown echoed his wife’s statement, also adding that any parent who feels comfortable doing so should also get their child vaccinated now that it’s an option.

“If your family thinks that the vaccine is something that’s for them and for the family, I do encourage it. Just like the rest of the world, it’s something that will allow us to get back to what everybody is referring to as Normal. It just takes all of us doing our part so we can get back to the lives we want to live,” Brown said.