Local school district receives national recognition for focus on music education

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Students of the Bowling Green Independent School District aren’t missing a beat when it comes to the district’s music programs.

On Tuesday, the district received news that it along with five other Kentucky school districts were being honored with the Best Communities for Music Education designation from the National Association of Music Merchants.

To obtain the recognition, a school district must place music education as a high priority.

“To get recognized on a national level, that was really cool. It says a lot also about our administration, because a lot of it was about kids getting to have access to what we’re doing,” said Bowling Green Independent School district band director Kevin Briley.

Nowadays, arts and music programs are often put on the chopping block, though music educators still say it’s essential to keep these programs in schools.

“I think music is one of those things that we teach that connects people forever. Why we do it is because it makes us humans. It’s a way for us to connect,” Briley said.

Music plays a big role in the life of Jim DeCesare, who is the drummer for the Bowling Green Band, DiZZorderly Conduct. DeCesare said music is a way for students to keep their minds sharp.

“It teaches discipline, it teaches focus, and also how to work as a team and work with your fellow bandmates. Having that confidence to go out and perform in front of people is very important,” DeCesare said.

Musicians like DeCesare say music education is important, and note by note, music students are well prepared for the future.

“The future workforce of America needs that stem curriculum, but also having the arts in important, including music. If it wasn’t for school music programs, I wouldn’t be playing today,” DeCesare said.