Local roads damaged following this week’s storms

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Flood waters damaged several area roads this week.

One culvert that allowed water to flow under the road was swept away in the storm, along with the blacktop around it, leaving a gaping hole in the middle of Pondsville Road in Smiths Grove.

Once more rain fell, the road flooded again, and the hole is back underwater.

Until the water recedes, Warren County Public Works director Josh Moore said there is nothing that can be done.

But, when the flooding subsides, crews will get to work fixing the damaged roads and culverts in the area.

“Unfortunately, we get rain events like this that things aren’t necessarily designed for and the best thing that we can do when that happens is to secure it so the public is safe that travels that road and then be as quick and efficient as we can about getting that replaced,” said Moore.

Moore said large structural failures are not common and that an issue this large hasn’t happened in the county in quite some time.

“What we will probably do in this case is to see if there is a way we can improve it. So I think what was there before was just a metal pipe, a very large metal pipe. We know we’ve got water that runs through there frequently so we may look at something like concrete that won’t rust. Once we can get a pipe in place, then it’s your typical back fill with rock and dirt and asphalt and pave it back,” said Moore.

Highway 68 near the Warren/Barren County line is still underwater and is impassible, according to the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

Several other state roads are closed in surrounding counties as well such as:

Barren County

  • KY 3179 – Closed at Peters Creek.
  • KY 921 – Closed at Peters Creek.
  • U.S. 68 – Closed at the Barren/Warren County line.

Butler County

  • KY 1153 – Closed between mile marker 5 and 6.
  • KY 3182 – Closed at mile marker 2.

Edmonson County

  •  KY 655 – Closed between mile point 2 and 3.

Logan County

  •  KY 107 – Closed at mile point 3.
  • KY 1153 – closed at mile point 4.2.
  • KY 1151 – closed at mile point 6.9.

Monroe County

  • KY 214 – The ferry on KY 214 has reopened.
  • KY 678 – Closed at mile point 8.5.

Warren County

  • U.S. 68 – Closed at the Barren/Warren County line.
  • KY 1435 – Closed between mile points 11 and 12.

Additional information is available here http://transportation.ky.gov/

Most city roads sustained little to no damage and crews are fixing up potholes and normal wear and tear as usual.

Moore also encourages the public to keep an eye out for sink holes or ground that may be beginning to sink in.

If you notice any strange holes or depressions in the ground, call your local public works.

It could be a few weeks before Pondsville Road re-opens, but roads with less damage may open much sooner.