Local restaurant reacts to reopening after governor’s closure

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Governor Beshear’s restaurant and bar indoor closure mandate ended on Sunday at 11:59 p.m, but a local restaurant here says they are still seeing the effects. 

When the closure went into effect last month, owner of Anna’s Greek Restaurant Vilson DeHaja said he didn’t know what to do – he had nothing left to give. 

Fast forward to now, he said he has hope but is still struggling- business is slower, not all of his employees are back yet, and they still have to be extremely careful with their safety measures. 

But he said he knows things will get better. 

“Do I think it’ll get better? It has to get better. We are humans. We look for positivity, we project that. We crave positivity, we crave a better life. So yes it’s going to get better, it has to get better. I believe in God that good things will come.” 

Vilson also said that his employees have taken the closure as a sign to be even more careful with their COVID-19 safety measures.