Local midwife, doula educates women on preventing unwanted pregnancy amid abortion ban

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With the change in abortion laws, more women are seeking resources for how to prevent pregnancy.

Amanda Poteet-Woolen, a doula and midwife, says there are multiple options – one popular option is birth control pills or IUDs.

“Women really need to be having these contraceptive talks right now with your care provider,” said Poteet-Woolen.

She says condoms aren’t always effective. They were originally created to prevent disease, not pregnancy. If you don’t want to have a baby, she says you should be using something else to control it.

She says one of the best ways to track when you’re most fertile is by app. Some women naturally track their periods, both if they want to have a baby or if they don’t. She explains how it works.

“You’ll ovulate before you actually see your period, so those are the days you can get pregnant without having your period around,” said Poteet-Woolen. “Then you’ll get your period, and your body will shed an egg. And then after your period that’s when you’re not as fertile.”

Poteet-Woolen also advises to have a game plan if contraceptives don’t work, such as being financially secure and having a good safety net to support you in decisions.