Local man gives free rides to essential workers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Essential workers like healthcare workers and grocery store workers still have to drive to work during winter weather. One local man is doing everything he can to make sure that they get there safely. 

“I just wanted to make sure we got people out that needed to be out.” 

Steven Lane took to Facebook on Thursday morning. He posted that if any essential workers need rides to and from work or anywhere else, he was their man. 

“Me having a Jeep, I love driving in the snow. None of this bothers me. I’ve been off-roading all my life and I thought why not help out. I’ve got a best friend of mine, his wife’s a nurse, and I just wanted to help people out. Cuz I know a lot of people can’t get around,” said Lane. 

Lane said he just thought of the idea Thursday morning because of all the snow. 

“I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this. Ya know it was just one of those ‘hey I’m not doing anything today or tomorrow, let me just help out,’” said Lane. 

Many people commented on his Facebook, praising him for his deeds. But Lane says that’s not needed.

“That’s very sweet of everybody. Like I said I’m not looking for fame or glory or anything. I’m just out here doing something that I like to do and helping people out is something that’s a good thing to do.

“I enjoy helping people, and if it saves a life, that’s wonderful. What more could you ask for,” said Lane.