Local educators head to South Carolina for the 2020 Marine Corp Educator Workshop – WNKY EXCLUSIVE

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. – Throughout the week, educators from multiple Warren County schools arrived in the city of one of the most well-known U.S. Marine Corps boot camps.

Recruiting Station Louisville’s marketing and public affairs chief, Joey Mendez, said the Marine’s Educators Workshop is to help local educators learn about the military in order to better serve their students who may be considering joining.

“Teachers are with these kids every day. They are there impacting their lives the same way that we want to impact their lives,” said Mendez.

Warren East High School teacher Patrick White said he hopes to learn how to help his students grow as a team.

“Students in high school often highlight their differences and they don’t look at things as how they can work together. So, this is something that your tearing down an individual and making them work together as a cohesive unit,” said White.

Justin Spears, a teacher at Warren East High School said leadership and unity are an important lesson Marine recruits learn at boot camp.

“I’d love to take a lot of the things I see here and implement that in the classroom: leadership skills, working as a team, back to the baseball field. There are many different things that we can learn here this week that we can use in our everyday lives,” said Spears.

The educators will be able to do obstacle courses, repel down a wall, and even get ordered around by drill instructors.

In attendance are educators from Bowling Green, Greenwood, Warren East, Warren Central and Geo International High Schools.

White is learning about another avenue for kids who may not have a post-graduation plan.