Local doctor says single-dose J & J an attractive single-dose vaccine option

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- With three COVID-19 vaccines now on the market, which one would you want to take?

The three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson all vary in efficacy. 

Johnson and Johnson is 66% effective overall in moderate cases.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines hover around 95% effectiveness-raising questions as to why people would rather get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine if at first glance it has a lower efficacy. 

“A lot of people will want to compare that 66 percent to that 95 percent we saw with Pfizer and Moderna but there really isn’t a good way to do an apples to apples comparison,” said Med Center Health’s Director of Pharmacy Caleb Benningfield. 

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine also jumps up to 85% efficacy in severe cases. 

Major differences with this new vaccine include that it does not have to be stored in a refrigerator and it’s a single dose. 

“That opens a lot of doors to people getting vaccinated in areas where maybe ultra low control freezers are not available like with the Pfizer vaccine. Or even the Moderna one with general medical grade freezers. Also the single dose brings in populations who it may be difficult to reach out to 21-28 days later for a second shot,” said Benningfield. 

In his press conference on Tuesday, Governor Beshear addressed the shipments to Kentucky, saying that an additional vaccine will help more of the population get vaccinated. 

“With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and with increases we expect we hope to double the amount of people vaccinated in just this next month alone,” said Beshear.