Local disease specialist warns of omicron variant

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Med Center Health is urging you to practice preventative measures as the Covid omicron variant lands in the United States. 

Dr. Santos, an infectious disease specialist at Med Center Health says so far they know a few things about the omicron variant. It was discovered in Botswana on November 11th and officials had seen cases in South Africa until today. 

It was announced as a ‘variant of concern’ on November 26th, which Dr. Santos says means there is concern for transmissibility, as well as severability and evading the possible immunity that people have right now with vaccinations. 

Dr. Santos says given that it’s so new, they still need real world data to determine how transmissible the variant actually is.

She also addressed rumors of it being less severe, and said it is still too early to tell by the few cases so far.

“Those cases have been in people who are younger. And younger people do get symptoms less severe than other people so it’s not a good representative of a country-wide population per say. So it’s still too early to tell how the severity goes,” said Santos. 

Dr. Santos said the staff are looking to be more vigilant by promoting vaccinations, masking in crowded places, and are also screening patients who come into their facilities for symptoms.