Local company sends employees an Easter dinner

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – In the midst of this pandemic, a Southcentral Kentucky company is giving back to its employees.

Logan Aluminum in Russellville typically celebrates Easter by holding an Easter Egg hunt for hundreds of employees’ families

But things are different this year and the company decided to do something a little different.

Since the Easter Egg Hunt was cancelled, the company sent each employee an Easter Dinner package to their homes including a HoneyBaked Ham,  turkey and pie.

One employee, Jeremy McPherson, knows many of his coworkers are going to benefit from this meal.

“There is some who their spouses have been off work for a little bit of time now and they have children and families and it’s just any little thing can help a whole lot whenever you suddenly go to a one income family,” said McPherson.

This wasn’t an unusual gift from the company.

“They are always giving to us throughout the year. They’re great to us year-round regardless of any kind of situation going on,” said McPherson.

They are even providing lunch to essential employees that are working every day.

“The things that they are doing for us at the plant whenever we are having to be there, I think it’s all great. They are trying to do everything they can for us. I mean, they’ve been great to us,” said McPherson.

Logan Aluminum has implemented extensive social distancing practices throughout its facility.

Social distancing tape has been installed on the floors and hand sanitizer is being provided to employees.