Local cobbler’s business and home saved by support from community

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Eddie Lemay has spent 18 years saving soles. And now another type of kind souls are rallying around to help him. 

“I like saving soles. And I like to take care of people,” said Quality Shoe Repair owner and operator Eddie Lemay. 

Lemay was on the verge of having to close his business and lose his home – his finances, another casualty of the pandemic.

“Before the pandemic I was struggling anyway. But when the pandemic hit, the money flow stopped and bills kept coming in and I had no money to pay,” said Lemay.

Several customers grateful to their favorite community cobbler pooled their money to prevent Lemay from becoming homeless. 

“I came in Monday morning and it seemed like somebody just pushed a button. And everything just opened up and everybody I’m getting kind of choked up here but they really helped me out. So many good people, and desperation will come forward and I appreciate everything and everybody helping me out from the bottom of my heart,” said Lemay. 

A Facebook post about Eddie and his business went viral after being shared by dozens of people and eventually getting shared by the famous musician jewel. 

Sara Bornemann donated to Eddie’s cause after seeing it on Facebook, and she didn’t even know him. 

“I think it’s really important to reach out as much as you can right now when the time is so isolating during this pandemic. I don’t know Eddie but it’s important that he knows that there’s a wider community out there that’s rooting for him and wants him to succeed and certainly not go under through no fault of his own,” said Bornemann. 

And Lemay said he’s the only cobbler left in the area between Louisville to Nashville. 

“Only one in an 80-mile radius or whatever so that’s one thing. I’m trying to stay open. I don’t care if I make any money or not as long as I keep my doors open to have people’s shoes fixed,” said Lemay.