Local church donates to mobile grocery store for holiday meals

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A local church is giving back to the community in a big way for the holiday season. 

Mount Zion Baptist Church presented a check this afternoon to Megan’s Mobile Grocery for the holidays. 

The grocery bus serves people in the community who are less fortunate and can’t travel to the grocery store. The bus instead comes right to them, for options at cheaper prices. They have been hit even harder during the pandemic and were in desperate need for relief. 

The check helps make a difference in whether or not someone has food on the table. John C. Lee, pastor at the church said church members are so passionate about helping during this time. 

“With the pandemic, people are not only unemployed, but underemployed and I think people are just struggling. And when Jesus said feed my sheep we don’t take that just to be spiritual we believe that he wants us to physically, literally, feed people,” said Lee. 

Lee said they hope they inspire others, who are able, to give back in the community.