Local cemetery has gone to the goats

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The upkeep of a graveyard isn’t something you would normally hear about, but you have goat to see this cemetery.

The goats are back at Covington family cemetery on Lois Lane in Bowling Green.

Since bringing mowing machinery into a nearly 200-year-old graveyard would endanger the head stones, goats are used to clear the overgrowth instead.

Foliage growth can get out of hand during the summer months but not to worry, some friendly mammals take care of the problem at a local cemetery.

The goats eat all the overgrown plants for 12 hours a day on average.

This little trick is not only much more cost efficient, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

The goats even have names given to them by city workers.

A cemetery in grave condition and some hungry goats make a pretty great team.

The city of Bowling Green funds the project every year.

The goats will likely wrap up their daily buffet sometime in November.