Local caddy helps champion golfer at U.S. Women’s Amateur after Olde Stone win

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Yana Wilson, winner of the U.S. Junior Girls’ Championship in Bowling Green is taking more than just the title to her next tournament.

“He’s good luck I guess,” said Wilson. 

Bowling Green local Tate Hanks, who was her caddy in the Junior Championship, is with Wilson once again at Chambers Bay in Washington for the U.S. Women’s Amateur. 

You might ask how did Wilson, from Nevada, get paired with Hanks?

Originally she had a different caddy, but had to switch gears when that didn’t work out.

“We didn’t know each other, I had to ask one of my friend’s caddies who had a friend who could caddy for me,” said Wilson. 

“One of my buddies texted me that girl needs a caddy,” said Hanks. 

They wouldn’t know that a simple text would change their lives… Wilson says Hanks helped her to victory that week in Bowling Green. 

“He just keeps me calm and we don’t really talk about golf which is nice when I’m playing golf because I feel like I get overwhelmed so he’s just a really good I guess support system in a way,” said Wilson. 

Now he’s keeping her calm on the West Coast. At 15 years old, Wilson is one of the youngest golfers at the Amateur Cup. 

“I feel like everyone here is definitely older than me. A lot of people are in their twenties or late teens…almost 20,” said Wilson. 

The course was tougher than expected, but Hanks was there for her every step of the way.

“This tournament’s been kind of rough but it’s hard to come here after a win. We’ve gotten pretty close over the past few weeks so obviously I want to see her succeed and it feels like we’re kind of on the same team,” said Hanks. 

And their journey still doesn’t stop here. 

“He will be caddying for me for the U.S. Open next year,” said Wilson.