Local businesses impacted by students returning

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Western Kentucky University students are returning for another semester on the hill, and local businesses are already ringing up more sales as the students make their way back.

A popular coffee shop in Bowling Green, Spencer’s Coffee House, is already starting to see an increase in turnout.

For business owner Justin Shepherd, the start of a new semester means a chance to serve the students who are loyal customers.

“Being in a college town, a lot of your business is related to campus. Not only students, but also professors, administrators, things like that. College student’s bring a little more life to the place. Generally, we love serving people,” Shepherd said.

Another popular watering hole, Hilligan’s, is also seeing customers return, and general manager Ashley Bland is excited to get the loyal customers back, as well as some new ones.

“It’s so exciting when they’re all back. Saturday night, the snow didn’t even keep the students away. They’re back in town, ready to go, ready for a new year and a new semester,” Bland said.