Local BGPD officers runs NY marathon, local man gears up for Japan marathon

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Less than 1% of Americans ever complete a marathon 

“Every runner dreams of running in the New York Marathon or Boston or Chicago, those are the three big ones,” said BGPD officer Penny Bowles. 

Bowles is part of that statistic. She just ran in the New York Marathon. 

”What’s really neat is seeing 50,000 runners and seeing all the different nationalities and countries that come here,” said Bowles. 

While Bowles rests her legs…across town, another local man is gearing up for a marathon next week. 

“I’m going to a place called Oita, Japan,” said Matt Davis. 

Davis is flying overseas to do the Oita International Wheelchair marathon. 

“It’ll take me about 20 hours, 21 hours. It’s like the old movie, trains, planes and automobiles,” said Davis. 

A tradition to him-it’s his 20th time doing just this race. 

“It’s the largest wheelchair race in the world, started in 1981,” said Davis.

Davis is paralyzed and races in a wheelchair, never letting it stop him from reaching his goals. 

“Along the course you have some of the kids you hear them screaming so it’s just an overwhelming appreciation for the fact that we’re actually athletes and not just people in wheelchairs doing a race,” said Davis.