Little Angler Hooks Long-Lost Cell Phone

A cell phone lost in a Maryland river nearly a year ago is back with its owner...and fully operational...after a 6-year-old girl snagged it while fishing. WBAL's Jennifer Franciotti reports.

(WBAL/NBC News) — A long-lost cell phone is back with its owner after spending nearly a year at the bottom of Maryland’s Severn River.

The phone, inside a waterproof case, was 6-year-old Reagan Votaw’s first catch during a recent fishing outing.

The family took the phone home, cut it out of its now clam-encrusted case and worked to dry it out.

After letting it rest in rice to absorb any moisture, they plugged it in and found it was still fully operational.

Reagan’s mom, Emily, then began working to find the owner.

That owner turned out to be 8th grader Preston Shapiro, who lost the phone while kayaking with a friend.

“What surprised me most was that i had no idea that this thing was going to work,” he said after being reunited with the phone.

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