Leitchfield Animal Shelter near overcapacity

LEITCHFIELD, Ky. – According to a recent post on Leitchfield Animal Shelter’s Facebook, they are right at overcapacity. The animal control calls are never-ending according to the shelter. 

In addition, the shelter says some of these pets that are up for fostering have endured animal cruelty.

The post makes a direct plea to owners, saying if their dog is at the shelter to come reclaim it immediately or surrender their animal so it can get adopted. 

All these adorable canines need love, donations and kennels as well.

It’s like all hands on deck, said Jessica Pharis Williams, director of the shelter. “We do what we have to do to make everyone fit.  And if you come to my shelter, it’s super clean, it’s super organized. It’s not a hoarding mess by any means. If we get to capacity, we’ll hold off because I’m not going to stack them.”

Pictured above is Ken. He’s the shelter’s longest resident, and he’s only one year old. If you can give Ken and his friends a home, head over to the Leitchfield Animal Shelter today.