Landscaping companies pick up litter in Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Seventy five bags of trash in two-tenths of a mile – that’s how much litter was picked up just Tuesday afternoon on Veterans Memorial Highway. 

Litter in Warren County has become a problem during the pandemic. 

In the past, it was picked up by a jail program in which non violent inmates serving state sentences worked during the day picking up trash. But with COVID-19, that program was halted. 

That’s where landscaping companies are stepping in, and it’s a win-win for the community and the companies. 

“We signed up for it because during the winter there’s not a whole lot of mowing and landscaping stuff going on so this gives us and some of the employees that work for me something to do during the winter time, it keeps cash flowing throughout the year,” said WDM Moyers Lawncare owner Wesley Moyers. 

The landscaping companies have been officially privately contracted by the county to continue picking up the trash. In the past four weeks, they’ve collected over 1,200 bags leaving the city looking cleaner. 

“The state highways people travel in and out of Warren County to work and stuff like that so it just kinda looks bad in my opinion when there’s trash all over the road and they drive through and see it and then they might drive to their home county and see that it’s clean. So it’s nice to help and pick everything up and try and keep Warren County clean,” said Moyers.  

County officials said the community has already praised the contractors for keeping the sides of the road clean. 

“The biggest positive feedback is that now we can actually tell the citizen that calls, ‘yes we can get someone over there.’ Whereas before we didn’t really have a program to do so,” said Director of the Department of Public Works Josh Moore. 

The other landscaping company contracted to help pick up litter is Affordable Lawn Care.