KVB provides food and essentials to veterans in need

All month we’ve been celebrating veterans and their service to our country.

However, after retiring many of those veterans have struggled to find a job.

Some have had difficulty feeding their families or themselves.

That’s why the Kentucky Veterans Brigade is an organization providing food and hope to those veterans.

Since September 8th and for the entire month of November, the KVB is holding its inaugural Backpacks for Vets supply drive.

This supply drive is collecting food or cash donations for those veterans in need at Jim Johnson Hyundai.

The KVB has served veterans for almost a year, and this year is their first large food drive.

They also work with organizations like the FRG to help pay electric bills.

So far the KVB has collected canned meat, peanut butter, and other protein-based items.

The president and co-owner Bob Wilson, along with partner Tim Allen knows the donations will bless the veterans in need.

Wilson, who is a 27-year veteran himself, says the KVB’s goal is to acquire 200 items per donation type.

Their largest donation so far has been 20 dozen gloves.

They will be collecting donations up until December 8th, just in time for the holiday season.