KOA Holiday holds grand reopening, kicks off summer camping

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Located off of Three Springs Road, the Bowling Green Kampgrounds of America (KOA) has officially reopened under new ownership. 

They also are officially kicking off the summer campground season. CEO Christian Kranz says that ever since it was Memorial Day, they have been packed every weekend, with over 100 camp sites rented out. 

Adam Kuzma, President of KOA, said they had this grand opening Thursday to invite small business owners to get the local community more involved. They’ve created more recreational activities for campers like a volleyball court and jumping pads. 

The CEO says that they hope more people in the surrounding areas come stay with them for a couple of days and enjoy nature. 

“A lot of people, especially the local people, don’t know that it’s here or know that it’s here but have never been here. So we just want to get the word out that we would like people to come stay, that we have more amenities than they used to have and that we really want people to come check it out,” said Kuzma. 

Kranz also said they are building an amphitheater at the back of the park to hold concerts.