Kentucky Jailer’s Association conference provides training opportunities for jailers and deputy jailers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Kentucky Jailer’s Association is meeting at the Sloan Convention Center for their bi-annual conference this week. This summer conference teaches jailers from across Kentucky different types of training and laws they will need to work with on a regular basis.

There were different conferences for both jailers and deputy jailers that participants could attend. Teachers from both in and out of state are spending the week refreshing the jailers what to look for in hiring, the Prison Rape Elimination Act, situational awareness, manipulation avoidance and more.

The conference started off Sunday evening with a board meeting, and it will continue until Thursday Morning. 

Campbell County Jailer James Daley says it’s important to train the jailers available, because in 2021, there are many liability limitations.

Daley said that in his county, they are 48 deputies short, and he said the issue extends throughout the state right now. He stressed the importance of hiring and training deputies with conferences like this, so they can be prepared for whatever is in store.