Kentucky Board of Education approves new minimum high school graduation requirements

KENTUCKY- The Kentucky Board of Education recently approved new minimum high school graduation requirements.

This comes after another set of recommended guidelines was proposed in October, but that proposal faced criticism due to funding.

“It is a step back. To be frank, the concern from the field is that the step forward we were proposing was too big of a step,” said Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner, Wayne Lewis

The approved set requirements feature two main changes compared to the original proposal.

With these new standards students are required to show basic competency in reading and math.

Students can show proficiency by either meeting the criteria on a state required test or have a collection of evidence to show they meet state standards.

The transition readiness component was also removed.

“It doesn’t go quite as far as the expectation transition readiness, but many of them are steps on the way to transition readiness,” said Commissioner Lewis

Students are also required to meet one of seven qualifiers that are designed to prepare them for the work place or higher education.

The qualifiers include several options including meeting on or more benchmark scores in reading and math on a college entrance or placement exam.

“It puts kids on the road to transition readiness and a more rigorous requirement so, that they are prepared for what comes next in their lives,” added Commissioner Lewis

Butler County Schools Superintendent, Scott Howard, says he is prepared for these changes.

“Well we have been looking at it with our instructional supervisors at the middle and high school level. We feel like our students are in a position where they can meet one of the seven qualifiers or more than one. We will continue to work hard and meet our students where they are at and make sure they get what they need,” said Howard.

These requirements will go into effect beginning with the graduating class of 2023.