Keep your kids safe around the holidays- lots of new toys!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Your children may have more than a few presents under the Christmas tree…and you want to make sure all of their new toys are safe!

The EMS team at Med Center Health has a few pointers to make sure your kids play safe with new gifts. 

First, make sure the toys are age appropriate for that child. Also, be careful of toys with button batteries- they can be a choking hazard and toxic to their stomach. 

“Because it is more of an influx of new stuff that’s coming in for the kids and they’re excited and they want to play with all of that, and so with it being so much coming in at once instead of sporadically, having the parents aware of being able to give the kids the guidance that they need and be able to watch them,” said Med Center Health EMD Kimmy Rheaume. 

They also recommend supervising your children while playing with toys, especially if small pieces are involved.