Judge grants shock probation for Peter Gall

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A judge in Warren County has granted shock probation for Peter Gall.

Judge John Grise made the ruling Monday afternoon in Warren Circuit Court in front of Gall’s family and friends. Gall was in the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles.

“If there was ever a candidate for shock probation, you’re looking at him,” said Gall’s attorney Alan Simpson.

Last February, the Western Kentucky University student was sentenced by Grise to four years behind bars for shooting and killing Alex Davis during a house party in Bowling Green in September 2017.

The Davis family and Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron, were also in the courtroom on Monday asking Judge Grise to reject shock probation.

“One hundred twenty five days is not enough for taking a life,” Davis’ father Kenneth Davis said during the hearing. “There are no holidays for our family anymore. We hope there is no shock probation for Peter Gall.”

Gall pleaded guilty to the shooting in November 2018.

Shock probation is a form of sentencing in which a judge suspends the remainder of a convicted offender’s sentence in favor of probation instead of incarceration.

Gall and the victim were friends at the time of the shooting. He told police that night that he accidentally shot his best friend.