Impeachment: Public hearings coming “within weeks”

(NBC News) Democrats say public hearings in the ongoing impeachment inquiry could be held “within weeks.”

“It’s always been the plan, of course, to have public hearings and to do this work in a very public fashion,” Michigan’s Rep. Dan Kildee said Thursday.

Democrats say they’ve held their initial fact-finding in private because there’s no special prosecutor to run this phase, as in past impeachment cases.

House Republicans barged into a secure hearing room Wednesday, demanding an open process and delaying a top Pentagon official’s testimony for five hours, earning praise from President Trump.

Many of the protesting Republicans sit on the committees running the investigation and have had the chance to question witnesses themselves.

“When the Republicans talk about these secret hearings, I laugh because 47 Republicans have the opportunity to be in the room,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

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