‘Ice missiles’ can kill or injure fellow drivers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Officials are urging people to make sure to remove any remaining ice or snow from the hoods and tops of their vehicles because solid sheets of ice that form on the tops of cars can create ice missiles that slide off of the tops of cars in motion and can hit other cars or pedestrians. 

This small action could save a life. On Thursday night, an ambulance for Med Center Health was hit by a loose piece of ice that flew off another vehicle. It completely shattered the windshield had to be repaired. 

Ice is heavy, and if it hits another car at high speeds, it can bust through a windshield and damage the vehicle. Or even worse, injure or kill passengers. 

Kentucky State Police Trooper Daniel Priddy explains more. 

“We wanna tell all the motorists you know your car may have been parked for the last few days, maybe the last week with all the winter weather coming through. But if you’re gonna get out, clean your cars off when you do. They may not have moved, accumulated a lot of snow and ice, and the ice chunks could be very, very dangerous and maybe fatal.” 

If you get hit by snow or ice and it’s blocking your windshield, Priddy said to slow down and pull over as soon as you can.