“I Have To Save My Dog”

Michigan woman describes going face-to-face with the 300-pound black bear that attacked her dog...then refused to back down. WPBN's Natalie Spala reports.

(WPBN/NBC News) — A Michigan woman is warning others after going face-to-face with a bear to save her dog.

Heather Willobee says the 300-pound black bear attacked her dog Lucy as she was walking through her yard in rural Grayling Saturday night.

“I could see her in the light and I knew she was coming but I also knew she wasn’t coming alone and that something big was right behind her,” Willobee said.

Willobee quickly stepped in to protect Lucy, making as much noise as possible in an effort to scare the bear away.

“It was not giving in, not retreating with me yelling. Nothing, just paws full-spread,” Willobee said, gesturing to her porch.

Heather was able to get Lucy inside. That’s when she saw Lucy’s injuries and knew she needed to take her to the emergency veterinarian, but that would require getting past the bear.

“Normally you can bang pots and pans or yell at them and they’ll run away but this bear was not doing that,” Willobee said.

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