How schools are battling inflation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Across the country, everyone is dealing with inflation. Our dollars are not carrying us as far as they did just a few months ago and that doesn’t stop at just food.

Schools systems have been dealing with the effects of rising prices since the end of spring and are facing them now with the school year starting soon. Things like pencils, backpacks, and laptops are all subject to go up in price causing many people to think about, both parents and school staff how they will provide what is needed for August.

In Barren County, Transportation Director Joey Bunch said fuel costs for the bus garage doubled in May 2022 from August 2021. Barren County Public Relations Assistant Heather Gardner told News 40 they have had to deal with rising utility and vendor costs. And right in Bowling Green, Family Resource Coordinator Jennifer Shoemake at T.C. Cherry Elementary School says they have seen more parents request assistance with supplies and clothes for the start of school.

Schools all over the country have had the relief of the ESSER program provided by the federal government  since early 2020 to combat the COVID pandemic and Barren County reports that it has offered some relief in the times of the inflation the U.S. is currently seeing.