Hope House programs alleviating poverty in Bowling Green

It’s never easy admitting that you need help.

Especially when you’re stricken with poverty with nowhere to turn.

However, through Hope House in Bowling Green people are being encouraged to lean on God.

Through a variety of programs offered their struggles turn into successes.

One way this is done is with their new Program Living Expansion House.

To reside in the house, you have to complete 1-2 months of being in the Program Living for Men.

This helps get men off the streets and into a better living situation in refurbished spaces.

14 new beds were placed in the Living Expansion House.

Right now, only the upstairs is being used.

At 57 dollars per square feet, the Living Expansion House is giving men a chance to regain their lives.

It also allows them to see a brighter future through God.

There are bible studies that the men attend to keep their hearts faithful to the program.

Hope House also provides clothing, furniture, and other services to those in need.

All of their programs aim to put people’s lives back in their hands.

Program Living for Women is expected to come in 2019.

The programs Hope House offers is for anyone wanting to help themselves.

They do rely on the community a great deal to make these services possible.

For anyone wanting to donate to Hope House, click here.