Hangar Party brings flyover, memories of former military pilots

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Aviation Heritage park had its annual Hangar Party on Saturday, and boy, did it take off!

Over 700 people checked out the fun, food and some incredible stories from a dozen of our former military pilots.

And the sky was the limit, featuring 75-year-old Globe Swift planes and a static air show.

The fundraiser displayed many different types of artifacts at the Hangar Party.

“This year’s theme is Home of the Brave, and we’re introducing the public to what we hope to do in the museum that we are building out at Aviation Heritage Park,” said Bob Pitchford, director of the Aviation Heritage Park.

Rumor has it that the park teased a new museum coming to Bowling Green.

The artifacts displayed will be fully available to the public when the museum opens in October 2023.