Group holds emergency personnel first aid training for pets

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- Nashville Veterinary Specialists taught local first responders in Logan County how to perform first aid on pets.

“Pretty much any trouble people can get into, they got their pets along, pets can get into that same trouble,” said Becky Dan, Community Outreach and Marketing Director. 

Dan said it’s important to teach responders how to give first aid to pets, and that it’s not as different as they may think.  

“The firefighters, they’re definitely experts in CPR and doing these emergency procedures, so they already know how to do them quite well on people. And they’ll have no problem doing them on the animals. we just need to show them the little twists and turns,” said Dan. 

The basics are similar to first aid for humans – Checking the pet by taking temperature, vitals and checking their mucus. 

And remember the song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees? The beat of the song is actually the recommended rhythm for CPR on both humans and pets.

With coronavirus, the staff said that most first-aid situations would be house emergencies such as a fire or a natural disaster. 

“Pets are becoming a bigger part of everyone’s lives. So we just need to be better prepared to take care of them,” said Dr. Jon Todd, veterinarian at Logan County Animal Clinic. 

And because of more people working from home, Todd said that pets are more important than ever to families. 

“Pets have become family members, and we call our clients, pet parents,” said Todd.  

This was the first pet course for first responders in the local area, and the team said they hope that more counties in Kentucky will want to do it.