Government officials from Kentucky respond to protests at U.S. Capitol

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Several government officials in Kentucky responded to the violent protests that broke out on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Kentucky Congressman, James Comer, released a statement following the incident. “At this time, my staff and I are safe and I am in an undisclosed location after evacuating the house floor when protesters made their way inside the capitol. The outrageous rioting and violence taking place at the capitol building is completely unacceptable and not who we are as a nation of law and order. mob violence is wrong regardless of political affiliation.”

Sen. Rand Paul also posted a series of tweets Wednesday afternoon, condemning the violence taking place at the capitol. He called it chaos, anarchy and un-american. Paul stated in one tweet that, “the vote today is not a protest; the vote today is literally to overturn the election.”

Another tweet from Paul stated, “This would doom the electoral college forever. It was never intended by our founders that Congress have the power to overturn state-certified elections. My oath to the Constitution doesn’t allow me to disobey the law. I cannot vote to overturn the verdict of the states.”

Governor Andy Beshear released a social media video on Wednesday, calling the protesters domestic terrorists. “Today is a tough day for our country domestic terrorists have stormed and infiltrated our U.S. Capitol building, a building that stands for American Democracy. And yes, I call them domestic terrorists.”