Golden Chorale in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, KY. – If you’re looking for a singing group and you happen to be 60 years of age or older, do we have some news for you. There’s a collective of seniors who gather in SKyPAC every Thursday evening to rehearse for gigs they do a few times a month.

The group is called Golden Chorale, a name that came from co-director Mary Boronow’s daughter. The group were looking for a name that had some humor to it and when on a family vacation, Boronow’s daughter saw a Golden Corral restaurant and got inspired.

They mostly sing at nursing homes, bringing good vibes and uplifting those who might be able the same age that don’t have the same amount of independence they once did. Several group members said that that is a “blessing” for them. Pam Thurman, another co-director of the group said at one gig they had, an elderly couple sang all the words along with them because Golden Chorale specializes in an older era of music.

Many of the groups members say that the performance group has been a saving grace to them, being a source of friendship and company. Thurman said if you’re interested, your more than welcome to go to SKyPAC’s website and do a little reading, and maybe show up to practice. The group was started but Thurman and Boronow to further music education, something Thurman said doesn’t just stop at grade school.