Glasgow PD anticipating take-home vehicle policy changes

GLASGOW, Ky. – The Glasgow Police Department is anticipating policy changes regarding take-home vehicles.

The changes would allow officers living 35 miles from the department to take a service vehicle home.

This makes their jobs a lot easier.

The current policy states officers living 25 miles from the department can take home vehicles.

Chief Guy Howie is requesting it be expanded to 35 miles for those living further away.

If the city council approves, it would make maintaining personal vehicles easier saving taxpayers money.

It would broaden the range officers can respond in should they come across an incident in the city.

Chief Howie says he currently has a full department and approximately 40 vehicles.

Access to the vehicles is based on if they live in the city, the county, 35 miles away and ranking in that order.

Chief Howie says the policy change would also aid with response time and crime prevention as well.

The Mayor approves the change and they hope to see it go into effect in March after the first city council meeting.