Further details released in Simpson County drug bust; cocaine sourced from cartel in Mexico

FRANKLIN, Ky. – Further details have been released regarding an arrest Tuesday after authorities located roughly seven pounds of cocaine.

The South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force says that after a multi-agency investigation that included the U.S. Postal Service, authorities arrested 34 -year-old Kevin Gardner for possession of three kilos, or seven pounds, of cocaine.

Authorities say Gardner received these drugs through the mail at his home on West Street in Franklin.

“This particular cocaine had some stamping and markings on it indicating it came from a cartel in Mexico. These people are very organized, and it takes a lot of effort among agencies to combat this problem,” said Jacky Hunt of the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force.

Hunt says the value of the cocaine shipment is around $80,000 to $100,000.

Hunt also says that finding large amounts of drugs like this is becoming more common.

Gardner is in the Simpson County Detention Center, where he faces several charges.

The South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force says that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are likely.

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