Funeral directors take added precautions during COVID-19 pandemic

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Funeral directors’ jobs have changed dramatically over the past few weeks. From limiting the number of visitors at a memorial service to now…how they handle the body of someone who has died.

Eric Thomason, a funeral director at J.C. Kirby and Son’s, knows about those changes firsthand. He says while funeral directors have always taken care to protect themselves from being exposed to bacteria and viruses, they have now started wearing N-95 masks to help filter out the COVID-19 virus from the air they breathe as well as wearing special full-body suits.

They have also stepped up their cleaning schedules. But increased cleaning means some cleaning supplies take longer to receive from suppliers.

But for those that are used to caring for others, Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby says it’s difficult to watch families grieve and not be able to console them as closely as they once did.