Funding for Foster Care/SAFY

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At his Team Kentucky update on Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear allocated $41.5 million in funds to support foster children and those who care for them.

“Costs for out-of-home care have been reduced by $79.1 million. Every child… every child is a child of God, and they deserve our very best,” Beshear says.

An additional $20 million will go to local foster care agencies like SAFY in Bowling Green.

With less than 8,500 children in foster care in the Commonwealth, it’s important to show them love while also helping out in any way possible.

“Because now it’s… We get referrals and we just don’t have the homes in the beds to take care of these kids. So, I hope that, yes, you can spread the word for people who you can open their doors to these kids,” Rose Fawcett, Treatment Director at SAFY says.

SAFY is just 1 of 45 providers in Kentucky that will receive this funding from the state. Governor Beshear is proud to provide additional funds to support these foster children.

“Today’s the day we’re living out our faith and values and truly are not only saying, but acting upon that teaching that every child is a child of God. Everyone is worthy. And any time that a child has gone through trauma, it is a societal failure that we have a duty to respond to,” Beshear says.

The funding will come in two portions: a one-time allocation of $21.5 million. The other is the $20 million Beshear signed in an emergency regulation, which will come in higher monthly reimbursements.