Franklin Drive-In closing: married couple remembers their first date

FRANKLIN, Ky.-After over 50 years, the Franklin Drive-In is closing. 

“It’s gone, a part of history is leaving.”

The owners posted a statement on Facebook, saying the business had been sold and would no longer operate as a drive-in. 

Bowling Green couple Chase and Jennifer Saxton have fond memories of the drive-in. 

“So on the first date we went to the Franklin Drive-In,” said Jennifer. 

The pair knew each other as kids, but reconnected in 2017…Chase picked the drive-in for their first date because of the experience. 

“I think a lot is just the nostalgia of it…it’s quiet, you’re in a crowd but by yourself. It was a really unique atmosphere,” said Chase. 

And you could say the date went well- they just got married this past October! 

“Just we’re gonna miss it. A place for us we’re gonna have in our memories but we won’t be able to see anymore,” said Jennifer. 

The past owner, Gary Price, said it was a difficult decision to sell.

“The great community both in Kentucky and Tennessee that supported us over the years, they truly became part of our family. We call them our drive-in family,” said Price. 

It had been owned by his family for 33 years. He watched countless movie-goers grow up. 

“Probably dozens and dozens of people who got their first job at the drive-in theater and then we see them come back in with their own families,” said Price. 

Even though the drive-in will no longer exist, he says the memories will last a lifetime. 

“You can go to the movies anywhere but you come to the drive-in to create memories and I truly think many people when they grow up they still talk about their times they went to the drive-in,” said Price. 

The drive-in has been bought by a local realtor.