Four generations of family work at Howard’s Cycling

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-It’s a staple in town for anyone who loves to bike….Howard’s Cycling & Fitness has been around for 85 years. 

Howard Cox built the building by hand using old pallets and repurposed wood.

“I would assume it took him a couple years but then he kinda started the shop in the attic. There used to be a big ramp on the side where they would bring the bikes in,” said Howard’s great grandson, Landon Cox. 

Landon is the fourth generation of men in his family to work in the bike shop after his grandpa Sam and his dad Gary. Landon started six years ago, when he was just 12 years old. 

“My grandpa had cameras at the back desk and I had seen someone in the skate shop right here and no one was helping them and I said ‘papaw they need help’ and he said ‘go help them; so I just went and helped him and he said well why don’t you just work every Saturday,” said Landon. 

And three generations of another lineage works there too. Anthony Rossi went to Western Kentucky University with Landon’s father Gary and got his family involved. 

“I think it’s cool. My dad works here. And my son works here so it’s more generations of family you know,” said Rossi. 

And business is still booming after all these years, even through the last two years of the pandemic. 

“The first two months like it was so dead because obviously people didn’t want to come out. But that summer we sold pretty much every bike we had. I don’t think that’s ever happened other than that year,” said Landon. 

They hope to keep people biking for years to come.