Former Hilltopper QB giving back to athletes and underprivileged kids

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A former Hilltopper is working to inspire the next generation of athletes. 

Courtney Dalcourt was a quarterback at Western Kentucky University. After a career-ending injury, he stayed with the team, working with them from the sidelines. 

Now, as an adult, he does that with his profession every day. Professionally he trains and consults with middle school and high school football players that want to reach that next level, while reminding them to work hard in school at the same time. 

But the best thing he says he does is having community events that reach more underprivileged kids. He recently held the 1st Annual Community Dream Big Event…free to the public. 

“I’m a trainer that trains mindsets. So just because a person lives in an excluded area in town, doesn’t mean they don’t deal with the same things in life as someone on the other side of the train tracks. I deal with impoverished mindsets more so,” said Dalcourt. 

Over 100 kids attended, and with children from the International Center of Kentucky-over 15 countries represented. He is planning on having an event in Mayfield in spring where his mother was born.