Flooded neighborhoods leave residents stranded

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- One neighborhood is so under water that residents were unable to get in and out Monday, hours after the rain finally stopped falling in Bowling Green.

Areas in Warren and surrounding counties were hit hard by the rain on Sunday, causing flooding and damage. 

“I’ve never seen anything like this here. It’s crazy. But I’m just kind in the dark like I have no idea. My kids aren’t going to school. One of my kids goes to city schools so they were messaging me today asking where she was so I sent them pictures of course and I told them like ‘we’re kinda stuck right now, there’s no movement, we can’t go in or out,’” said Weatherstone neighborhood resident Crystal Juarbe. 

Across town, a popular destination spot for boat tours and recreation is also flooded. 

Lost River Cave’s nature trails are now completely under water, as it’s the lowest point for 55 miles. Operations Manager Chad Singer says that the last time flooding was this bad was the historic floods in May of 2010, and it completely wiped out their summer tourism season. 

“That was the whole season of May of 2010 so you know when that happened at the peak of tourism season we lost a whole chunk of what keeps us open. So I’m kinda thankful it happened now, hopefully we don’t see any more between now and then for a while,” said Singer. 

Ron Steve with the National Weather Service in Louisville said this is the worst flooding they’ve seen in Southern Kentucky in a long time, and the worst is still yet to come. 

“The biggest thing, if you’re out driving, don’t drive into a flooded roadway. The water has a very good chance of being deeper than you think and your car can get swept away. What we always say is turn around, don’t drown,” said Steve. 

The residents of Bowling Green are hoping the water recedes soon. 

“It literally looks like I live on a lake house. It looks like a lake. It does not look like a neighborhood,” said Juarbe.