First Bowling Green City Commission meeting of 2021, commissioners appointed to boards

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green Commissioners met Tuesday night to discuss their first agenda of the year.

But that wasn’t the only first.

The meeting was also Mayor Todd Alcott and Commissioner Carlos Bailey’s very first meeting.

“Well, it’s surreal in this moment to be in this position. I feel like we are trying to do what is right by the city and what is right by our taxpayers and I’m excited about the future,” said Alcott.

“Hopefully we can work together as a board to try to improve the lives of the people that we serve here in Bowling Green, Ky. That’s the most important thing. It can’t be about one person or any individual,” said Bailey.

This was also Commissioner Melinda Hill’s first meeting back since her return to the commission after a hiatus from local politics.

“I’m very excited. It’s kind of like riding a bike. Once I got back here, it all came back to me. I am very excited to once again serve the citizens of Bowling Green. I loved it before and I envision I’m going to love the next two years as well,” said Hill.

Not only that, but it was the commissioners’ first in person meeting since March.

Commissioners met in person, except Dana Beasley-Brown who opted to join via Zoom call, but each commissioner stayed 6-feet apart and wore masks when they moved around the room.

The commissioners were appointed to boards at the meeting and talked about their plans on those boards.

Hill was appointed to the Bowling Green Audit Committee and the Job Development Incentive Program Committee.

“[I’m going to] make sure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed regarding our finances and they way we do business,” said Hill.

Alcott was appointed to the Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Board and the Bowling Green-Warren County Local Emergency Planning Committee.

“That is my platform to see what we can do with broadband in our community and the expansion of broadband and how we can get that to students. How we can get that to people that need it and so I’m excited to be a part of that,” said Alcott.

Beasley-Brown was appointed to the Barren River District Health Board and the Job Development Incentive Program Committee.

“The health department has been heroes over this past year, really going above and beyond to make sure our community can get through this pandemic and so I am just honored to be able to support the work that they do,” said Beasley-Brown.

In regards to the JDIP committee, Beasley-Brown said, “that’s where we come together and we make sure, working with the Chamber, that we are doing everything we can to attract those good paying jobs that support families to our community.”

Bailey was appointed to the Housing Authority of Bowling Green and the Workforce Recruitment and Outreach Committee.

“I’m hoping for the housing committee that we can start exploring more affordable housing. As far as workforce recruitment, Western Kentucky is here. We lose so much talent because they feel like that they don’t have a lot to stay here for. I’m hoping that we can keep local talent here,” said Bailey.

Commissioner Sue Parrigin was appointed as the mayor pro tempore, meaning she will fill in for the mayor if she is needed.

Parrigin also was appointed to the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force board and the Warren County Downtown Economic Development Authority.

“The drug task force is in place to keep our community as safe and as free of drugs as possible. I’m there as a support role to help to provide funding and to hear and understand what their strategies are and what they are doing to keep our community as free of drugs as we possible can be,” said Parragin.

To contact a Bowling Green Commissioner:

Mayor Todd Alcott

Phone: 270-792-1488

Commissioner Carlos Bailey

Phone: 270-594-1233


Commissioner Dana Beasley Brown

Phone: 270-697-3262


Commissioner Melinda Hill

Phone: 270-792-7212


Commissioner Sue Parrigin

Phone: 270-792-1428