First baby born in 2000 receives $10,000 scholarship from The Medical Center

Can you imagine getting ten thousand dollars just because of the date you were born on?

Well that’s exactly what happened to one person who was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Some may say he was born lucky and in a way he was.

18-year-old, William Bryan, recently received a ten-thousand-dollar scholarship from The Medical Center.

But how he received such a large scholarship may surprise you.

18 years ago, on January 1st 2000, William entered this world.

This made him the very first baby born at the Medical Center hospital in 2000.

“We wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary for the first baby of the new year in 2000. So John Desmarais, was president and chief executive officer of Commonwealth Health Corporation at that time and he chose to set up two scholarships.” says Doris Thomas, the Vice President of Development for The Medical Center.

Hospital officials often give some type of gift to the first baby born of the year, but they wanted to do something unique for the first baby of the second millennium.

So they set up a ten-thousand-dollar college scholarship for the lucky baby.

“We were told he was the first one at the hospital, but I think it wasn’t until the next day that we were presented with the scholarship from The Medical Center. To have that scholarship, and it was such a huge amount, we were really just so surprised and so grateful.” says Keri Bryan, William’s mother.

William and his family live in Texas where he recently graduated high school.

Now, the time has come for William to start college and this scholarship is giving him a head start.

“It’s definitely something… I’d say surreal for the most part. Growing up as a little kid you don’t really have much concept of how much ten thousand dollars is. Going through, as I grew up and got closer to college and through high school, I started working and getting paid seven dollars an hour, it really sinks in to how serious that much money is.” says William.

William will be attending Texas A&M this fall and studying to become an electrical engineer.

The Medical Center also has a scholarship for the last baby born at the hospital in 1999, but the family has not come forward yet.