Finding Family: DNA Test Reunites Father & Son

(WPTV/NBC News) A family has been made whole for the first time in decades thanks to a DNA test.

Rod Hobbs lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia and flew to South Florida Friday.

Waiting to pick him up was his biological sister, Britny McFarlane, who he met for the first time inside the Palm Beach International Airport.

“We’re just excited to welcome him into the family, finally,” McFarlane said.

Hobbs explained he found out when he was 15-years-old that the man who he thought was his dad was not his biological father.

He said he had a tough upbringing with his family, and also moved out of his home when he was 15.

His mother never would tell him who his real dad was, and she took that secret to the grave.

He tried to find his father himself for more than 30 years.

“I’ve hired private detectives and DNA experts and spent a great deal of time, energy, and money with no results,” Hobbs said.

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