Fauci: “We Are Still Knee Deep In The First Wave”

(NBC News) As the U.S. races toward a startling 3 million coronavirus cases, the nation’s schools are rolling out plans for the fall.

With outbreaks linked to large gatherings, schools at all levels are wrestling with whether to keep students at home.

Princeton, Georgetown, and Harvard announced half or less of students will be allowed back on campus. They’re trying to avoid what’s happening right now at the University of Washington, where more than 120 students connected to fraternity houses have tested positive just two weeks after returning to school.

President Trump, continuing to downplay the risk, insists schools must open.

“We’re very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools, get ’em open,” he said Tuesday.

The administration is warning international students they’ll have to leave the country if their school doesn’t hold in-person classes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci offered a sobering assessment of the pandemic and the U.S response, saying “we are still knee deep in the first wave of this.”

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