Father & son capture escaped murder suspect

Arkansas men hold fugitive at gunpoint after finding him sleeping in car. KARK's Stephanie Sharp reports.

PRAIRIE COUNTY, Ark. (KARK/NBC News) — An accused murderer is back behind bars after escaping Arkansas’ Prairie County Jail Thursday night.

Earl Parks and another inmate, Craig Gilliam, rushed a guard when he was checking on an elderly inmate. The stole the jail keys, push another guard down, and ran out the sally port.

Gilliam was caught within minutes of escaping, but Parks, who is accused of murder, managed to get away.

Brad Knupp says around 7:30 Friday morning he went to check a car he was working on when he noticed something strange.

“Something in the back seat caught my eye as not being normal. The closer I looked, I could tell this guy was lying in the back seat of my car covered up with plastic that was already in the car,” Knupp said.

He quickly realized is was Parks.

“I did have a firearm in my truck so I went over to my truck and got my pistol,” Knupp said.

Knupp says he and his dad held Parks at gunpoint until law enforcement could get there.

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